Alaska's Point of View Suites


Seward. Alaska



Located in the historical neighborhood between the downtown and the small boat harbor.  These two areas are one mile apart.  So all of our vacation rentals are close to Seward.   The Historical downtown area, includes restaurants, stores and the Alaska Sealife Center.  The Small Boat Harbor is where the tours and fishing charters leave from.  It also has restaurants and stores.  Seward has some of the greatest hiking trails in Alaska.  Here is some good wildlife and birding information for you while in Alaska.

If you have a reservation with us, PLEASE use your confirmation for directions, not this website.  Our suites are self check-in.   This page does include the directions to get in.  

Full suite, 318 1st Avenue  Your entrance is at the back of the house and your name will be on the door.  

Studio suite 318 1st Avenue, Park in front and go through the wooden gate to the right of the front door.  

Two bedroom suites-Guest House 513 3rd Avenue.  Parking and entry are in alley way behind house.  

Two bedroom suites-Baywatch 513 Ballaine Avenue.  Parking and entry are in alley way behind 4 plex house.  

WWII Quonset Hut Sunshine  408 6th Avenue.

WWII Quonset Hut Moonshine  402 6th Avenue.

As I like to keep check-in time flexible and easy for you, I may not be there when you get there.  We have tried our best to make everything as easy and comfortable for you as possible. DO YOUR PART, BE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR CONFIRMATION SO YOU HAVE YOUR DIRECTIONS TO GET INTO YOUR UNIT. 

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